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I am an award-winning writer, UX designer, and digital strategist, who uses storytelling to design interactive experiences and create engaging entertainment. 

For more than 20 years I've worked in diverse creative leadership roles on cutting-edge projects for companies such as ABC News, Adobe, The BBC, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Reuters, Samsung, and Viacom, helping define narratives for compelling customer experiences. 

My research driven, user-centric approach helps my clients better meet their customer’s needs.


  • Clarify your goals

  • Identify and learn about your customers 

  • Align your offerings to meet their needs 

  • Define your vision

  • Visualize your future 

  • Create the roadmap to get there  


I work with clients across multiple industries—media and entertainment, cultural institutions, education, e-commerce, consumer products, financial institutions, and more. I work best with innovators who are looking to reach and provide value to their customers in new and exciting ways. I love complex challenges and the opportunity to help define new customer experiences.

A little walk down memory lane:

My Clients include

Deliverables & Prototypes

Examples of some of the many deliverables I create for my clients including a variety of vision video prototypes.

I love UCD so much I decided to write a book about it


Interactive Design: An Introduction to the Theory and Application of User-centered Design

This innovative, comprehensive book examines the user-centered design process from the perspective of a designer. With rich imagery, Interactive Design introduces the different UX players, outlines the user-centered design process from user research to user testing, and explains through various examples how user-centered design has been successfully integrated into the design process of a variety of design studios worldwide.

From a review of Interactive Design: An Introduction on Embody 3D:

Simply put, Interactive Design is one of the best new interface books on the market. It is comprehensive, easy to understand and extremely relevant using case studies and modern mediums to help connect with the reader. The book is designed for both students and professionals as the concepts are timeless in nature and although some of the topics can be fairly technical the way the book presents information using nice full-page quotes, beautiful diagrams and feature works makes it easy for even a novice to take on board.

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