I write textbooks
I write novels and short stories
I write textbooks
I write textbooks

Interactive Design: An Introduction to the Theory and Application of User-centered Design

This innovative, comprehensive book examines the user-centered design process from the perspective of a designer. With rich imagery, Interactive Design introduces the different UX players, outlines the user-centered design process from user research to user testing, and explains through various examples how user-centered design has been successfully integrated into the design process of a variety of design studios worldwide.

News about the book:

From a review of Interactive Design: An Introduction on Embody 3D:

Simply put, Interactive Design is one of the best new interface books on the market. It is comprehensive, easy to understand and extremely relevant using case studies and modern mediums to help connect with the reader. The book is designed for both students and professionals as the concepts are timeless in nature and although some of the topics can be fairly technical the way the book presents information using nice full-page quotes, beautiful diagrams and feature works makes it easy for even a novice to take on board. Although most of the examples cover graphic design interfaces like portable computers and website interfaces, it is absolutely relevant to product designers. The principles are very much universal, things like competitor analysis, user-path diagrams, research, testing are all great ways to improve your product designs. Unusually I don’t have any major faults of this title, so that is definitely saying something! Although it is heavily branded as being a theoretical book the information takes on its own lessons and breaks up the information well. The title is not text heavy or extremely weighty at 224 pages, so for true theologians this might not contain the analysis and literature references you may desire. However for the 99% this book hits all the right spots!

The Power of Sticky Notes on RockPaperInk
Strategies for Identifying and Prioritizing User Experience Goals

Throughout my career as a user experience designer and strategist, I’ve often been accused of being a sticky note addict. I love the little colored squares of paper–the ease with which they can be moved around, and their small size, which necessitates clear and precise writing. I’ve even worn a halloween costume made of sticky notes. I’m not on the 3M payroll. I just think that sticky notes are an invaluable tool for user experience design

Roots and Leaves: Collaboration on RockPaperInk
Two minds come together to write and design a book

Digital design is best done in collaboration with other specialists as well as your client. Like a giant puzzle, everyone comes together to create something bigger than themselves. In the process they share their own perspectives, ideas, and skills. Clients and team members will not always agree, and that is a good thing. That doesn’t mean that collaboration is impossible. In fact, I believe it is beneficial to have different opinions, as they challenge your ideas of what is right or correct, and often result in a better product at the end.

And we’re getting some great reviews on Amazon:

This book had some wonderful insight from some very well respected designers and companies. I felt like they went beyond the norm in finding interesting contributors and projects to discuss. In a sea full of noise this was a refreshing book. It was the behind the scenes view that you so rarely get of this industry, especially coming from a print design background.

I was looking for some book with simple and graphic information about UCD… But at last, I find it. Excelent book
By carlos sebastiani

I read it cover to cover. it is comprehensive and adds real world thought to technical needs. I like the quotes from designers who are in the field
By pete denman


I write movies

I’m an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, and author of short stories.

I have had several feature films produced, “Blood Junkies” is a black humor, blood-soaked tale of vampire-as-addict, shot in Redhook, Brooklyn. “The Ghost Club: Spirits Never Die,” produced in Atlanta is a send up of ghost hunting reality TV.

“Resurrection Men,” is a dark comedy about a father and son team’s attempt to save the family business by selling body parts. is in development. Slamdance called the script, “…an excellent embodiment of the dark comedy genre.”

I’ve created several acclaimed Internet series, including “Exit Strategy” for Teen Nick and the ground-breaking “PodOpera Brooklyn,” in which audiences feedback determined plot developments, choose-your-own-adventure style.

I’ve written multiple short films, plays and short stories.

Awards/Festivals include: The Samuel French One Act Festival, AIVF Screenwriter’s Mentorship Program, Santa Fe Writer’s Project, Screenwriter’s Dig, The Writer’s Place Screenplay Contest, Acclaim Screenwriting Competition, Screenwriting Expo, Queens International Film Festival, and The Page Awards.

I write novels and short stories
I write novels and short stories

I am an award-winning writer of short stories. I have recently completed my first novel, "Buskers Local One", and am currently looking for representation.