Logline of the week - Breaking the Commandments

Breaking The Commandments
Weldon James has never done anything wrong in his life. He's the perfect employee, boyfriend, son, and Christian. But when his wild and crazy, womanizing, hard drinking best friend Ethan commits suicide, the cracks in Weldon's life begin to show, and the existential angst sets in. What has Weldon done with his life? Where is he going? Why is he here? Hedonism? Happiness? Piety? Purity? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! Weldon decides that to honor Ethan he must systematically break the 10 Commandments, even if it means losing everything that he thinks is important to him.

Logline of the week - Scattered, Smothered, and Covered

Found on Flickr - Image by Mason Poe

Scattered, Covered, & Smothered
A disaffected young woman who feels like she's never had the chance to grow up, about to hit a milestone in her life--her 30th birthday--decides to take her destiny in her hands, and go for all the things she's missing--a husband, a family, a traditional life--by kidnapping her high school crush, an aging football player/ladies man who has recently decided to chuck in the towel, get married, and settle down.

Logline of the week - I Was a Teenage Superhero

I was a Teenage Superhero
When 15 year old tomboy Miranda comes home from school to find her parents abducted, and her house trashed, she and her nerdy little brother Jeremy are in for the shock of their lives--back in the day their boring, dorky parents weren't boring or dorky at all--mom was DynaGirl, Amazonian super heroine and fighter for truth, justice, and the American way, and dad was Dr. Braincapacity, evil genius, mad scientist, on the FBIs most wanted super villain list. Now it's Miranda and Jeremy's turn to take up the family mantel and save the day (not to mention their parents). But when they learn who has abducted them--Captain Eternal, masked, caped, square jawed paragon of justice, (and mom's old flame)--becoming super may be a little bit harder than they thought...

Logline of the week - Off World Blues

Off-World Blues
Matchwood Smith is a blues man, a burn-out, and the unlikeliest interplanetary diplomat ever. Match has been knocking around the universe with his parasitic manager, and his on again, off again, BEM girlfriend, for what could be a millennium (thanks very much, general relativity). So long that he may be the last true genetic human being left alive. So long that Match is starting to consider chucking in the towel. But Match's plans for an early retirement suicide are foiled when he is 'rescued' by a group of Numen--the latest step in human evolution--who need his genetic material to guarantee the future of the numen race. But Match's willingness to save the numen race is tested when he discovers that a more nefarious plan is afoot...

Logline of the week - Blood Junkies

Blood Junkies
When PTSD sufferer Cali Brown returns home from Afghanistan, all she wants is to disappear into the wood, but then she learns that her brother is missing. Cali's quest to find him leads her to the dark underbelly of New York, and to Else, a centuries old vampiress who is at the center of an upcoming undead civil war. To find her brother Cali must learn to navigate the arcane world of the vampire tribes, and when the time comes Cali must choose the right side--her afterlife depends on it.

Logline of the week - Wing Women - Coming soon...

Wing Women
Emma, Darcy, and Jane, three cash strapped 20-something roomies, become professional Wing Women to make ends meet. They help their socially-challenged male clients get the digits while teaching them to become men that women would actually want to date. But when Emma finds herself falling hard for Dick, their latest clueless (but cute) case, their business, their future, and their friendship is tested to the breaking point.

Logline of the week - Fiends With Benefits

To keep my hand in, and the creative juices flowing, I've decided that every week I will write and post a logline of a feature, or series.

Here's the first:

Fiends With Benefits
Volod Dragomir is the lonely heart to end all lonely hearts--a 500 year old vampire whose need for sustenance always seems to get in the way of his quest for love. When Volod falls for Abigail Helsing, great great great granddaughter of the famous vampire hunter, he may finally have met his perfect match... or his deadliest adversary.