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Horror movie review site, Shock Till You Drop, published a post about The Ghost Club--a film I wrote and acted in, which included new photos, and the trailer.

The film, directed by Hank Blumenthal, finds William Forsythe in a story about a team of reality TV paranormal investigators who have yet to truly "make contact.  They decide to try their luck at an abandoned mansion in the deep-south with a long history of hauntings. As the night unfolds, and the evidence begins to pile up , their skepticism turns to terror, and their initial goal of contact turns into the primal one of just making it out of this real haunted mansion alive.

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Last year, close to this time, I was down in Atlanta hunting ghosts. Of course, I didn't find them... so much as they found me.

The Ghost Club--a film I co-wrote and acted in--is about a reality TV ghost hunting show that has a nasty run-in with real dead ghosts. In other words--be careful what you wish for.

The film was shot in 2011 in 2 weeks of nights, and is very close to be finished. We just need some finishing touches--sound, special effects, color correction, and a final edit.

We are raising the money we need on Kickstater, a website that let's you crowd-source funding for creative projects.

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Tag, You're It!

We've recently kicked off Tag, You're It! Here's a description:

In 2008, a team of filmmakers will create an exquisite corpse (google “surrealists”) feature film to explore how narrative changes when it is collectively owned. Each team will create a 5 minute segment on film or video. When they are finished, they will pass the last minute of their film to the next team, along with headshots of the actors involved, and an object featured in their segment. No other information will change hands. The next team must incorporate one of these elements into their piece and will have 2 weeks to write, cast, shoot, and edit their segment. The final product will be a feature-length film, in which all of the elements that make up the narrative will be revealed for the first time.

The panel, comprised of the major creative filmmaking roles (director, writer, editor, actor, DP) will discuss the changing rules of content creation, new ways to look at content mashups and their implications. The panel will explore issues of ownership in the world of YouTube, creative control, traditional story structure, and what happens to all of these when they are shattered by an arbitrary set of rules that mandate surrender of control.

Radio Plays

I recently lent my voice to two radio plays which were part of the Big Apple Short Radio Drama Festival originally broadcast on WNYE FM 91.5.

Program #12 Listen
1. The Legend of Annie Oakley
by Louis Phillips
with Don Downie, Meghan Scibona, Jason Nunes, Candice Holdorf and Daryl Lathon
produced, directed, and edited by Shabbir Emon Hassan
Hassberry Theatre Company

Program #7 Listen
2. Rip Van Winkle
by Louis Phillips
with Daryl Lathon, Meghan Scibona, Jason Nunes, Candice Holdorf, and Don Downie
produced, directed, and edited by Shabbir Emon Hassan
Hassberry Theatre Company

I'm done with all this killing...

I just finished filming Copout (working title) where I got to play a serial killer who is about to get away with murder. (see some shots from the film below.) Stan Shaw from The Great Santini played the cop who will do pretty much anything to make sure I don't go free. He was a blast to act with, and is a serious class act.