Amalgamated Bank


The challenge:

Improve brand awareness for Amalgamated as a bank that is part of the progressive community

Reposition core offerings to highlight expertise in key Commercial Banking segments

Focused on impact banking with products and services tailored to meet specific customer needs

The Goals:

  • Increase the number of site visitors

  • Increase inquiries for products and services

  • Increase the number of business and consumer accounts

  • Prioritize B2B products and services

  • Increase prominence of Lending and Investment Management

  • Present relevant information tailored to the audience

  • Promote smart thought leadership perspectives

  • Highlight case studies and amplify client news/stories

  • Showcase Impact reports

  • Identify of top prospects across segments

  • Integrate and target digital programs to reach audience

The Process:



Conducted interviews with stakeholders

Performed heuristic analysis of the current site, content, and marketing materials

Performed a competitive/comparative analysis



Conducted interviews with customer experts

Identified user types and personas

Identified user stories


Define & Ideate

Identified user touch points

Explored their decisions making process

Defined a content taxonomy



Created sitemap

Created wireframes of key user flows

Created an Invision prototype



Tested with stakeholders and customer experts

Revised and iterated design



Delivered final page designs and style guide

Created content guidelines

Defined a branded messaging strategy

Outcomes: launched its new website design in 2018, highlighting the bank’s new cause-focused approach to marketing. The bank released an impact report showcasing all that it has done in support of social responsibility. This year that bank will go public.