Thanks for the goose in the ass, NANOWRIMO

National Novel Writing Month is up, and I have written another one. Though I'll be the first to admit this time is different. I've done NANOWRIMO two times before this, once I wrote an incredibly messy, and incomplete memoir about graduating from college, and moving down to LA to work in the low budget film industry making horror movies, and the second time I wrote a bunch of outline and backstory stuff for a screenplay that I never went on to finish. This time though, I actually wrote a whole novel, with a beginning, middle, and end. It's fiction. It's finished, well, at least the incredibly messy, overwritten, and probably hopelessly flawed first draft is. But it was so much fun to write, and read actually, as I was writing it, so I don't even really care about any of that right now.

So, once again, thanks for the goose in the ass, NANOWRIMO!  And if you've ever thought you had a novel in you, you might consider giving NANOWRIMO a try when it comes around again next November.