The Ghost Club Transmedia - Meet Jimmy Martin

...aka me. Well, not me exactly, but the character I play in the upcoming movie--The Ghost Club, directed and produced by Hank Blumenthal.

In the ninety minute long Ghost Club feature, the crew of a reality TV ghost hunting show encounters actual ghosts. Ninety minutes is plenty of time to tell the story of this fateful encounter, but there is so much more to The Ghost Club than just one investigation. The Ghost Club is based on a real organization that included members like skeptic, Harry Houdini, and true believer, Arthur Conan Doyle. The characters--Jimmy, and his team--each have rich back stories, and relationships. The Club's investigative approach includes the scientific method, and devices cobbled together from the various technologies the hunters have used over the past 200 years.

To tell the complete story of the movie, additional transmedia content was created for viewers to discover, so they can learn more about the world of The Ghost Club TV show, ghost hunting technology, and the characters. As the co-writer of the movie, much of the responsibility for creating the stories told through this extra content fell to me. Hank's team created augmented reality games, webseries, and websites for the Club, me, and my fellow team members.

I also acted in the film, which provided me with additional opportunities to play with transmedia. I had a lot of fun fleshing out Jimmy's backstory, and personalty. I created a package of transmedia content from comics, to videos that helped to communicate who Jimmy is. He's sarcastic, obsessive compulsive, and a bit of a drinker, but still a fairly lovable guy, just trying to keep his reality TV show on the air, and his team focused, and paid.

Some of the content I created to introduce Jimmy, and his world includes:

The Skeptic's Diary, a web comic, which tells the story of how Jimmy became a professional Ghost Hunter:

Jimmy's twitter account:

And video of Jimmy's individual ghost investigations... don't try this at home folks:

This content helps viewers learn about the world of The Ghost Club, and connect with its characters before they watch the film, creating, what we hope, is a richer, more interesting, and more entertaining story experience.