Pick Up Chicks

AKA the series formerly known as Wing Women, has made it into the finals of the TV Reset Project over at ZoomTilt.

The series is the baby of my SMXL partner Stacie Capone, and written by yours truly.

When one of Stacie Capone’s friends told her about an odd job she once worked trying to set up hapless single guys for success on the bar scene, it was a set of facts that, to Capone, seemed well worth exploring further in fiction. The result is “The Pick Up Chicks,” a romantic comedy web series that follows three female friends as they juggle some less-than-typical small business obstacles: falling in love with clients, being hired by ex-boyfriends and getting accused of running a brothel out of their Brooklyn apartment.

 The next step is to shoot the pilot. Watch this space. It'll be coming soon.