Too many passwords!

Isn't it about time we found some other way to protect and personalize the accounts with the various sites and services that have become such an integral part of our digital lives? Facebook, Twitter, email, instant messaging, our bank accounts, shopping sites, our phones, and soon our TVs and appliances all require us to sign in to use them. There's got to be a better way than an easily crackable, forgettable, and frustrating string of numbers, letters, and ascii characters. We're already seeing new ways to do this--unlocking your Android device with a gesture, or facial recognition, for example--but it's not enough. It's time our devices, and accounts recognized us, and only us. Biometrics seems like a good solution for getting rid of passwords.

ECG biometrics identifies people by their cardiac rhythm. Not just their heart rate, but the actual shape of their heartbeat.

Or how about a palm scan:

There's got to be a better way. What do you think?