I WANT Mr. Tappy!

Or how I came to realize, and embrace what an enormous UX nerd I am. Mr. Tappy is a camer rig that makes it easy to film users interacting with their mobile devices.

Here's what Mr. Tappy has to say about their product:

Mr Tappy came from humble beginnings - in fact, he originally was made from plastic cut with a hacksaw and bent over a household toaster. This solution worked fine as a usability filming rig a few years back when 'a phone was a phone' …but when touch screens and tablet devices arrived, a more flexible and stable solution was required.

Through a series of prototypes and testing with some of Europe's largest technology design and research agencies, Mr Tappy was born.

Mr Tappy was designed by Nick Bowmast, a UX researcher helping companies develop better products and services through customer insights. Often these products involve mobile devices and the insights come from watching them use products.

I'm giggling like a school girl... Prototyped? Specifically for UX research? Swoon. Now if I only had an excuse to rush out and buy one.
Anyone out there have an app they need tested?