I Want The Quantum Parallelograph

I love this idea by Patrick Stevenson Keating! I have never been the kind of guy to get addicted to video games, but if The Quantum Parellelograph were real, I have a feeling I would quickly become a multi-universe voyeurism junkie, and spend all my free time exploring the lives of alternate mes. Who needs the Sims when you've got the real thing(s).

Here is a quote from Patrick's website about the project:

The Quantum Parallelograph is an exploratory public engagement project examining the scientific and philosophical ideas surrounding the theory of quantum physics and multiple universes. The device simulates the experience of users being able to glimpse into their “parallel lives” – to observe their alternate realities.


The device uses online sources to find the “parallel lives” of users, and prints out a short statement about their “simultaneous” life in a parallel world.