More than just a movie...

The Ghost Club is a fun, roller-coaster ride of a movie, but it's more than that. The Ghost Club is a storyscape that can be experienced in multiple ways, on lots of different kinds of screens--movie, computer, and mobile. Our goal of introducing The Ghost Club through a transmedia storyscape is to emerse fans into an alternate reality that will engage and entertain them, enabling them to discover, explore and even participate in the world of ghosts and hunters... maybe even uncover their own personal haunting.

The Ghost Club storyscape is told through twitter feeds, websites, exclusive webisodes of The Ghost Club Girls - a prequel series - that will be released to our supporters through Kickstarter, and, my personal favorite, an augmented reality mobile game that lets you hunt your very own ghosts.

The Ghost Club Augmented Reality iPhone Game from Jason Nunes on Vimeo.

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