I'm co-writing a book...

...titled "Designing Interactions for People" with Andy Pratt creative director at Funny Garbage, fantastic designer and illustrator, and all around awesome dude. Here's the result of our first meeting where we brainstormed the table of contents:

Stickies are my friends. If there is something they can't do I don't want to know about it.

We're writing the book for Rockport Publishers. It will be part of their intro to design series.  Our goal is to introduce the basic concepts and process of user-centered design in an engaging, fun and visually interesting way. We are using case studies of wicked cool projects that utilize some aspect of UCD in their process to highlight the different ways to design for real people.

What about UCD do you think we should talk about?

Do you have any cool projects that highlight UCD?

Wanna share 'em?