Lost the plot?

I can find it. I am a writer, designer, interactive strategist, user experience guru, and performer who uses story as a tool to design interactive experiences and create engaging entertainment.

For 20 years I’ve worked in diverse creative and leadership roles on cutting edge projects for companies such as ABC News, The BBC, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Reuters, Viacom and Vogue, helping them to define narratives for compelling customer experiences.

My success in helping companies achieve their unique goals comes from my underlying passion for creating wicked cool entertainment, from some of the best direct-to-video horror films to come out of the 1990s to award-winning commercial campaigns for ILM commercial productions and EIDOS, from webisodes such as Teen Nick’s "Exit Strategy" to the recent feature films "Ghost Club", "Blood Junkies" and "Resurrection Men".

I co-founded Small Media Extra Large, a hybrid agency with interactive, social media, and video production capabilities that creates captivating websites, mobile apps, games, web series and advertising.