Blood Junkies is in the news again...

This time on! So exciting. The article is full of awesome photos from Jay Scott, our gaffer, and on-set photographer extraordinaire:

And great quotes from directors Meghan Scibona, and Don Downie like these:

“We wanted to get away from the idea that you could fall in love with a vampire,” Scibona explains. “I once saw a lion kill on safari in South Africa, and I’ve never looked at lions the same way. The kill was so fascinating; I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was so visceral, blood everywhere. Part of the way we shot BLOOD JUNKIES was to show that reality of what it’s like to have to feed, so we played off the fact that they’re trapped in this house, and they have to get their fix. It’s not a sexy life at all.”

“Recently—especially with the TWILIGHT series—they’ve been trying to make [vampires] these tragic characters and plug in to their pain,” says Downie, “but they’re creating characters who aren’t actually monsters anymore. There’s something very rock star about it, like, ‘Live forever and have a beautiful corpse.’ But we wanted to add some consequences to that. [With BLOOD JUNKIES], we wanted the sense that if you were to get stuck in a room with them, you might not come out again.”

Go team Blood Junkies!