2010? My writing? Wow. What a year! And it's not over yet...

The year started off in Pennsylvania for Exit Strategy, shot down to Atlanta for Ghost Club, back to Brooklyn for Blood Junkies, with a bankshot to Los Angeles for Resurrection Men. My head is spinning. In a good way.

Here's the trailer from Exit Strategy, a web series that I wrote (and we produced) for Teen Nick:

Exit Strategy Trailer from Small Media Extra Large on Vimeo.

A still of me from The Ghost Club, a film I wrote (and acted in) for producer/director Hank Blumenthal. I got to be thrown out of a window by a ghost in this one. Nothing better than that.

A still from Blood Junkies, a film I wrote and we produced for... well, ourselves.

Next on the horizon? Xandy Smith's trailer for Resurrection Men, a dark, father/son, save the family funeral home by selling dead bodies comedy. I can't wait to see what Xandy comes up with!