Vote for my SXSW panels

Hi gang. Apparently the South By Southwest Panel Picker has gone live. I'd love it if you'd take a look at the 2 panels I've proposed, and if you like what you see, to vote for them.

Story As a UX Tool What do screenplays and UX design documents have in common? Both have a cast (though in UX we call them users). Both have plots (use cases/user stories). Both have themes (design principles). And both are blueprints that are used by a team of highly trained technical specialists to create an experience for others. What can UX designers learn from the screenwriting process? Can user personas be thought of as cast members? Can the Hero’s Journey be applied to create user stories? And what does the 3 act structure have to tell us about wireframes? Story can be a powerful tool when applied to user experience. This panel brings together top innovators in the UX world, along with up-and-coming screenwriters to show how storytelling techniques can be applied to interactive design process to create more compelling, useful, and fun UX documentation.

The Future of Webisodics What is new, episodic, web-only content to do in the age of readily available long form content on sites such as Hulu? Is short still the answer? And where does story fit? How do you build an audience, tell a compelling story, produce something that looks awesome, with a nano-sized budget, and million dollar network produced competition? What is the future of video entertainment produced for the web? Who pays for it, and how? Advertising? Sponsorship? A testbed for more traditional content? And where does transmedia fit? This panel will explore the ever changing world of webisodics, from passion projects, to network produced. How webisodes are created, written, and produced, and how they can be vital sources of new concepts, stories, and compelling entertainment.