Rest in peace Cory Haim

I must admit that I wasn't shocked to hear that Cory Haim died on Wednesday, but it still makes me sad.

I worked on a Cory Haim film in the mid 90s--Fast Getaway II--which starred Cory, Sarah Buxton, Leo Rossi, and Cynthia Rothrock.

Here's me dropping a pancake that Cory was supposed to have flipped onto Sarah's head in one scene (ah, the magic of Hollywood... well, or in this case Tucson, AZ):

I was the property master. An added responsibility was watching Cory's dog when he was on set:

Due to the low budge nature of the film, the crew and actors all stayed in the same grungy roadside motel. And since I was responsible for product placement--primarily a Sega Genesis--a lot of the crew and Cory would hang out in my room at night. He was a good kid, which is ridiculous to say because he was only 2 years younger than me. But he was sweet, and lonely, and sad, and obviously damaged. As so many actors who become famous young are. I left Hollywood pretty soon after that.

I actually ran into Cory again, years later, randomly at a comic convention in Northern California. I was shocked that he actually remembered me. He said he wanted to hang out again. Asked me if I had a room in the hotel. Maybe we could play some video games. His handler, a severe Russian woman, wasn't having it. It freaked me out, but I remember feeling that sadness again. Poor kid.

Those 2 words really sum it up for me. Poor kid.