Susan Boyle

I think the fascinating thing about the story of the success of the audition of Britain's got Talent contestant Susan Boyle is that it's an example of content "going viral" in both old and new media in concert. Basically a feedback loop created between the two. When it was aired it was viewed by 10 million people. And then YouTube quickly added an additional 30 million to that mix, which was picked up by TV news here in the states (and abroad) which added uncounted more views (definitely in the 10s of millions) which then drove people back to YouTube. It's the perfect storm in terms of viral content.

And poor YouTube doesn't make any advertising money off of it.

No wonder Hulu is kicking their butt.

In a related note, I wanted to embed the video here in the post, but YouTube has taken down the ability to embed "by request"... I wonder if that's the request of Britain's got Talent (which would be pretty stupid since they are getting REAMS of free publicity on this one, all thanks to YouTube) or the request of YouTube executives who are watching their hosting costs being driven through the roof right now...