Memories of production design

The Goonies Map

Just listened to a fun little piece on NPR about production designers, particularly Mike Riva.

This part:

In The Goonies, a beloved 1985 children's film, the kids go in search of lost treasure. The prop people had made a treasure map, but Riva thought it looked too new. Already on location, he spent the day in a hotel room dumping coffee on it. He wanted it to be speckled with blood as well, but the small town where they were filming didn't have paint.

"So we actually had to cut our fingers and edge the sides of it with blood," Riva explained. "You do these crazy things. You get so into it."

...totally made me reminiscent of the good ol' days--making a 50 gallon drum of sewage for Fast Getaway II so we could spatter Peter Liapis with it after he fired a grenade launcher into a porta-pottie trying to hit Corey Haim. Or the two Hudson sprayers, one of fake blood, one of fake bile, I carried around on my back to coat the abatoire set of Necronomicon. Or tossing the dummy of Melinda Clarke off the 6th st bridge into the LA river in Return of the Living Dead III. Or the million and one other little things I got to do just off camera to "make the magic happen."

Ah the glamour...