"World's Richest Man Buys Dead Tree"

A lumber yard northeast of Encarnación, Paraguay.

One of my favorite blog post titles so far this year (from Ethan G Salwen)

To quote Ethan:

Okay, so according to a BBC article Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is actually only the world’s second richest man. And, um, actually he didn’t actually buy a dead tree. But he might as well have.

What Mr. Slim has done is to invest 250 million dollars into the New York Times—rounding out his stake in the financially struggling United States newspaper. What?! Is this guy a total fucking idiot?

I wonder this because from what I’m hearing, newspapers are totally, utterly on the way out, thanks in large part to people like you who are spending your time reading blogs for non-objective reporting instead of “dead tree” newspapers, which according to an article I recently read, nobody believes anymore anyway.

So, what do you guys think? Is printed news finally dead? Well, or going the way of the blacksmith at least?