Anyone other than me fascinated with Bug Labs?

I love how open source, customization, and the Maker aesthetic is being applied to hardware now... Of course I'm not the only one. Looks like IDEO is too. They've just posted a great case study of work they did with Bug designing e-ink displays for BUG modules. Really beautiful design work, for a suite of really exciting products.

BUGlabs + ideo concept 3 - LCD display with segmented backlight from Jeremiah O'Leary on Vimeo.

Quick and dirty mockup of a system menu Quick mockup of an application (media player)

The logic behind our custom segmented font system for E-Ink

Layout of an E-Ink segmented display for the BUGbase

Real-life prototype of our display at expected actual size

More-real segment layout with spacing (for production feasibility/cost estimates)