An idea: LGBT Product Seal of Approval

I just watched MILK. Liked it, didn't love it. But it really got me thinking. I'm straight. I'm progressive. I gave money to Obama. The DNC. MoveOn. I'm elated by the election. But it wasn't until today that I became truly horrified by Prop 8. Not to sound like a horrible stereotype, but my best friend is gay. The reality of her circumstance, and her treatment as a second class citizen didn't really hit home until this evening. I'm not sure why. Partially because I didn't want anything to harsh my buzz. Partially because I just don't understand the current opposition to homosexual marriage, and to gay rights. I have no way of understanding why the opposition feels the way it does, and so it just seems... almost... I don't know, fictional. Like something from a bad bio pic.

I realized tonight that I've been ignoring something that is important to me. Personally. As important as it is important to us, as a society. Prop 8 is a black mark on a year when we all should be celebrating.

Honestly, I felt a little helpless. I didn't really know what to do about it. Then I had an idea. The most power I have as an individual is with my wallet. I can donate money to causes. And if I know of companies who supported Prop 8, or any anti-gay organizations, or legislation I can choose not to purchase their products or services. Seems that in our current economy not spending money could be a powerful tool.

My idea: What if there were some kind of LGBT Seal of Approval for products and services. Companies who had a good record on LGBT issues, who hadn't donated money to causes like prop 8, could be issued the seal, and they could choose to place it on their packaging, websites, marketing materials, etc. (see my lame attempt at a seal above... a plea to my designer friends--you and I both know you can come up with something a million times better than that... *ahem) A website could track all companies that were issued the seal. Perhaps grade other companies on their LGBT friendliness. Issue big fat red Fs for those who donated to the Yes on 8 campaign, and we as consumers could choose, with our wallets, to show them that their bigotry has consequences.

So, it's nothing radical, or new, and may already be being done, but, well, it's something...

What do you think? Comment to post your thoughts, ideas, or designs.