Great design for user scenarios

From wireframes:

I really like how these scenarios capture more than just the interactions with the device-- the environment, time, other people, etc., but also how they are aesthetically pleasing, and do such a great job of telling the scenarios diagrammatically.

I often write fairly complicated scenarios as a starting point for experience strategy work. I find that telling the story of a person, starting with a motivation, and including not just digital touch points, but real life interactions is very helpful when attempting to determine hierarchy, priority, etc. I'll include an example at the end of this post. But I find that I run into problems presenting these scenarios to customers. They can sometimes be tedious to read through, and for clients who are very visual (or a little ADD ;-), it can be tricky to get them to focus long enough to see the value. A diagram like this could really help.

A sample scenario: (you can see what I mean)

Lauren is 14. She loves The Hills. She’s followed it ever since season 5 when her namesake, Lauren, finally got serious and told that bitch Heidi where to get off.
Lauren is an addict. First thing she does in the morning is log on to her dashboard and see what’s happened during the night from The Hills’ live webcams. If she sees a particularly juicy clip, she tags it for mobile so she can watch it on her way to school.
Lauren also checks to see what her friends have been up to. Katie and Anya are still having an argument about whose more of a bitch--Audrina or Lo. Normally Lauren wouldn’t get involved, but last night she found this awesome clip (Lo totally going off on some poor waiter) on her dashboard that this oh-so-cute guy down in Florida shared. Lauren tagged it “juicy” so she could find it later. She brings it up, and sends the clip to Katie and Anya as a reply.

Time for Lauren to get to school. She quickly snags some clips she’s been meaning to watch and tags them for mobile.

Lauren loves watching Hills clips on her mobile. She’s about to do just that when she sees the most awesome Mullet she’s every seen in her entire life! Perfect for her friends’ mobile scavenger hunt--Best Haircuts Ever.

Lauren sneaks up behind the guy and videos a full 5 seconds of his gorgeous mullet blowing in the breeze. She shares it to her scavenger hunt group with the message, “beat that, bitches!” Lauren sees that a bunch of new clips have been shared to the group. She rates a few of them, tags a particularly funny one, and replies to another mullet with her clip: “Nice try. Choke on this!”

Lauren’s about to get on the subway when she gets a notification of cool new “locals-only” content from a nearby bluetooth enabled ad. She checks it out--it’s a preview of a new show from the producers of The Hills--The Valley. It’s premiering tonight. Lauren tags to DVR it, and to send her a notification. She might just want to watch it live. Especially if her friends are watching too. She shares the preview to Katie and Anya, and invites them to watch.

Down in the subway, Lauren’s finally ready to watch some of the night’s Hill’s webcam clips. But before she does she gets a personal message notification.
Her friend Griffin has left her a location tagged personal message here in the subway. Lauren watches his video message. He totally asks her to go on a date! by lip-sinking to this stupid song he got off of MTV. He’s such a dork. But in that super cute way. Lauren privately shares Griffin’s song to her friends, with the message “what a dork!”

Seconds later she gets a reply from her friend Kimmi--”I know right! Are you going to go with him?” And there’s a proximity alert. Kimmi’s totally near by. Lauren searches for nearby friends. Turns out Kimmi’s just down the platform.
No Hills clips for Lauren today. She tags to watch them later when she gets home from school.

Lauren and Kimmi jump on the subway. They video each other, and leave totally goofy location message clips for their friends to find.

That night, after her homework, Lauren’s finally ready to watch her Hills webcam clips on the good ol’ TV. She’s about to start when she gets the notification that The Valley is about to start.

Lauren decides that she’ll watch it later, until--DING, DING--she is notified that both Katie and Anya are watching now. Lauren flips over to The Valley.

She and her friends IM each other trying to decide if they like the show or not. At one point Lauren gets fixated on Chaz, one of the guys on The Valley. She’s sure she’s seen him before. She googles/IMDBs him on her set-top, and finds some great old clips. He used to be this Nick show she used to watch when she was a kid. Lauren shares some of the clips to her friends. “What a spaz!”

This starts a contest to see who can find the dorkiest videos from when they were kids. Soon shares are flying all over the place getting tagged to key moments in The Valley. Their friends who watch the show later may have no idea why, but Lauren is sure they will totally crack up.

The Show ends. Lauren decides it was worth watching. She rates it, and types in a quick review. Lauren’s mom tells her it’s time for bed. She still hasn’t watched those Hill’s webcam clips. Lauren saves them for later, quickly checks her dashboard to see what’s up, and heads off to bed.

That night under her covers, Lauren finally watches the webcam clips. She’s about to nod off when she sees something crazy on one of the clips--LO TOTALLY MAKING OUT WITH SPENCER!

Lauren tags it for later. She can’t wait to drop this bombshell on her friends tomorrow morning...