Watching the Feeds

To me, the whole lean back / lean forward description used to describe the difference between the TV vs. computer experience is not so slowly falling apart.

People are watching full length episodes of TV programs (or even movies) on their computers on Hulu, Joost, and ABC.

Current and F'N MTV are constantly blurring the lines between what's sposed ta be consumed on the computer, and what's sposed ta be consumed on the television set.

And, now, on the internets, data feeds are starting to be consumed just like we used to watch the idjit box. (and some of them are pretty idiotic, actually...) You can just sit back, pop-open a beer, and let the rich, data-rich goodness of the internet wash over you. (or do what I do, and scream and yell at the screen, just like I usedta with the telie...) is my most favorite feed to sit back and scream at:

It's like a giant 90s chatroom filled with constant flaming comments flying back and forth. If you have any faith in our country at all, will drain it all right out of you.

But then, when you're sick of that, there's always the rainbow vomiting pandas of Flickr. (the background image is from one of my new favorite internet artists/commentators/cartoonists/monologuists/??? (the guy's work defies descriptions I think)

It's the '08 equivalent of watching a fishtank. Sit back, and watch the friendly pandas vomit out the best that Flickr has to offer...

Originally, in the lean back/forward world the sole purpose of computers was to convert data into information... now they are turning it into entertainment. What a wonderful, horrible world we live in.

What are your favorite data feeds to watch?