Good Sheets

Good Sheets have been appearing at your local Starbucks.

A fantastic use of infographics to explore the major issues facing us today like fuel, immigration, health care, and global warming.

They do a fantastic job of explaining complex issues. Well worth taking a look at.

GOOD Sheet: Getting Gas

Where does your money go when you pay for a gallon of gas? How much money are oil companies making? What affects the price of gas in the United States? Why do gas prices vary so much from one country to another?

Getting Gas

GOOD Sheet: Coming to America

Both presidential candidates have plans to address illegal immigration into the United States. These numbers show how many people are immigrating, where they are coming from, and why coming illegally might seem like an attractive option.

Coming to America

GOOD Sheet: Bill of Health

The prognosis for health care in America isn’t positive. Many people are uninsured and many more lack the level of care they need. Collectively, we cough up trillions to keep citizens well, but our health indicators lag behind other nations that spend far less. Here is a detailed diagnosis of the problem.

Bill of Health

GOOD Sheet: CO2 World

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most prevalent greenhouse gas. It is emitted when fossil fuels—such as gasoline, oil, and coal—are burned, and it traps heat in the atmosphere. We produce more CO2 than the environment can process, raising the temperature of the planet. It’s getting hot in here.