Where do you stand?

For the past few months I've been working with Nick and the team at WhereIStand.com to create a compelling user experience for this awesome concept.

In their own words, Where I Stand, let's you:

Express opinions.

Take a stand on the issues that matter to you and comment on the opinions of others. Register for a free account and let everyone see where you stand.

Find opinions.

Search the opinions of public figures, organizations, bloggers, and friends on any issue. Public figure opinions are posted and verified by the whereIstand.com community.


See how people and organizations compare to each other and to you. Find where public figures and whereIstand members agree and disagree while making new contacts based on shared opinions.

It's a great resource, and a great way to voice your opinions on a variety of issues from politics to sports, and to see how you compare to other Where I Stand members, or, more excitingly to public figures.

Nick and the team have completely embraced an alpha culture model of development. The site is constantly being updated, with new features added, and the user experience tweaked on a weekly basis.

Take a look. I'd love to hear what you think, and to hear suggestions for how to make things better.