The "Tag, You're It!" website launched today... / by Jason Nunes

Tag, You're It! is a project that explores collaborative media creation by applying the rules of the Surrealists’ exquisite corpse game to filmmaking. A panel at SXSW on Tuesday, March 11th from 5-6pm will discuss the project and issues around this kind of collaboration.

Throughout 2008, a diverse group of filmmakers will create a feature film, utilizing the exquisite corpse structure as a mode of collaboration. Each team will create a 4-5 minute segment on film or video. When they are finished they will pass only the last minute of their film to the next team, along with a prop or object featured in their segment, and photographs of all the actors who have appeared in the project. No other information will change hands. The next team must incorporate some or all of these elements into their segment. Each production team has two weeks to write, cast, shoot, and edit their segment. The final product will be a feature-length film, in which the complete narrative will be revealed for the first time. The final film will be submitted to the 2009 South By Southwest Film Festival.