ABC News Redesign

A very exciting Saturday! I've been working (lead UX designer) for the last 6 months (or so) with the team at ABC News on a brand new concept for online news websites, and they've launched today. Not only are they one of the best clients I've ever had the pleasure to work with, but they are smart, incredibly fast developers, and innovative to boot (and since I'm not currently working with them, you can trust that I'm not just playing suck up here.) Read this article from Michale Clemente, ABC News Sr. Executive Producer to learn more about how things have changed with they site. And, as for me, well, I'm not usually one to puff up my chest, but I must admit to being very proud of the work.

Kudos to the ABC News staff, and to the dedicated team at Schematic (Christine, Wes, Josh, Drew, and Kyrsten) for some amazing work!