I am an award-winning writer, designer, and digital strategist, who uses storytelling to design interactive experiences and create engaging entertainment. 

For more than 20 years I've worked in diverse creative leadership roles on cutting-edge projects for companies such as ABC News, Adobe, The BBC, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Reuters, Samsung, and Viacom, helping define narratives for compelling customer experiences. 

I have developed and written scripts for commercials, documentaries, industrial videos, webisodes, and feature films. I have written textbooks, short stories, plays, and novels.

I am a musician, producer, song writer, and performer. 

My musical alter-ego, Bearded Twin, is constantly making new music, and creating music videos from found footage. 

I act, build props, design sets, and produce, and can be seen in the newly released film, "Ghost Club: Spirits Never Die."